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Is Hemp Illegal in the United States?


The United States of America is actually the only developed nation to have banned the growth and industrialization of hemp. However, there are multiple states that have passed their own laws regarding hemp and allow its growth for specific purposes, and Illinois is one of those states. Here are a few things you need to know about the legality of hemp in the United States:

  • Legal in Illinois: In 2014, the State of Illinois passed legislation allowing the Department of Agriculture and State Universities to grow and cultivate hemp for scientific research. However, this is only the beginning. Legislation that was introduced in January of 2018 by State Senator Toi Hutchinson would allow farmers to apply for a permit to grow industrial hemp. This textile product is used for a number of purposes such as creating textiles, paper, and CBD oil products.
  • The Origin of the Ban on Hemp: In 1970, The Controlled Substances Act was passed. This is a law that makes all forms of cannabis, including hemp, illegal as it is classified as a Schedule I drug. Due to the long ban on hemp, many Americans have forgotten the many beneficial uses that it can provide; from construction materials to healthy food. For this reason, many people easily mistake hemp for marijuana.
  • Financial Benefits: Legalizing hemp and allowing farmers to finally grow it once again can provide a huge economic boost to the state of Illinois and to the entire nation. Experts say that the market for industrial hemp could be over two billion dollars by the year 2020! This is without a doubt a booming business that is not only great for farmers and our economy, but also wonderful for our health.

Technically, hemp and CBD hemp oil products in Illinois are perfectly legal to use, which is good news for you! These products provide numerous benefits that can help you live a better lifestyle. Hemp is known to help combat anxiety and many other mental conditions that people struggle with on a day-to-day basis. If you would like to find out more about our hemp oil products in Illinois, please get in touch with HempWellness CBD today.

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