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How to Dose CBD Oil for Anxiety


Have you ever wondered how you can effectively treat anxiety with CBD oil products? CBD users, both experienced and beginners, often find it difficult to determine the best dosage. Many people encounter this issue since CBD is a relatively new alternative treatment for anxiety; therefore, there aren’t any official guidelines in place yet. Furthermore, everyone’s needs are different; one dosage may not work for another.

Based on information posted by CBD users online and research, doses between 40mg to 600mg seem most effective. For instance, one study shows that a 600mg dosage of CBD oil was effective in reducing social anxiety. However, other research also shows that lower doses are just as effective in treating anxiety symptoms.

Just like any medication, it is important for you to consult your physician before using CBD oil. Here are some general reminders from HempWellness CBD, your trusted source for quality CBD hemp oil products in Illinois:

  • Start low

    Always start with the lowest dosage possible, regardless of the health issue that you are using CBD for. By starting on a low dosage, you can give your body with enough time to adjust to the cannabinoid. This will also ensure that you aren’t taking too much, too fast.

  • Increase dosage slowly

    If you don’t notice any effects initially, consider increasing your dosage every couple of days. This gives the compound time to build up and affect the endocannabinoid system. Unlike THC, the effect of CBD is much milder and it can take a few days for its effects to become apparent. So, if you don’t experience an effect on the first few days – stick with it first before deciding to increase your dosage.

  • Take smaller doses throughout the day

    As your dosage goes up, you may find that you are taking too many drops at a time. In most circumstances, taking CBD oil in high doses is safe but its efficacy and absorption rate may increase if you separate the doses into smaller amounts throughout the day.

  • Talk to a physician

    As mentioned above, always consult a doctor prior to using CBD oil. As much as possible, consult a physician who has experience with CBD oil products. A physician can work with you to identify the best dosage rates for your needs. They can also provide recommendations to help you maximize the benefits of CBD oil.

The recommendations provided by HempWellness CBD should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions that you may have regarding the use of CBD oil as an alternative for your health condition.


Blogs, content and other media uploaded online are for informational purposes only. Contents on this website should not be considered medical advice. Readers are strongly encouraged to visit their physician for health-related issues.

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